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Going Green with Gentry LED


Post Falls City Hall Goes Green


In a progressive move to conserve energy and become a more environmentally friendly entity, the City of Post Falls has made the move to LED lighting.  The city has replaced 73 street/parking lot lamps from a 175W Metal Halide lamp, to a 30 watt LED lamp that has five times the life expectancy of the previous light.  This move will save the outdoor lights over $3,000 a year in utility costs.  They have also retrofit the basement with LED linear tubes, and were able to eliminate 92 linear tubes and save over 60% on energy costs every year.  All of the LED lamps used in this retrofit are 100% recyclable and have a expected life span of 12-15 years!!  So, congratulations to the city of Post Falls, Idaho for making the move to help the city become a more sustainable entity.

First 100% LED building in the Pacific Northwest


Associated Industries has become the first 100% LED building in the Pacific Northwest!!  Gentry LLC has just completed installation on this location at 1206 N Lincoln St., Spokane, Wa 99201.   This retrofit consisted of switching out 516 Linear Fluorescent tubes with 456 LED Tubes, and switching out 71 outdoor+indoor lights with LED equivalents and replacing 7 exit signs with LED exit signs.

Spokesman News Article


 Old Lighting
 LED Lighting
 kWh Usage Per Year
 120,180 kWh
 29,985 kWh
 (90,323 kWh)
  Annual Cost
 $7,811  $1,940  ($5,871)
  Life Expenctancy
 $10,000 hrs
 50,000 hrs
 +11 Years
  CO2 Production Annualy
 90 Tons
 0.0  (90 Tons)


Old Lighting:
120W + Ballast


New Lighting:
54W No Ballast



Old Lighting:
4 Lamp Fluorescent Fixture 160W + Ballast


New Lighting:
2 Gentry LED Linear Tubes

Equivalent Light Using 36 Total Watts & No Ballast