Credit & Leasing

Financing Options


Gentry LLC has searched through multiple leasing options for our customers and have concluded our search with One Source Financial.  One Source Financial offers equipment financing that extends to our LED products to help you acheive the final goal.  They offer 100% low interest financing, and go the extra mile to find the leasing program that fits your financial situation the best.  One Source Financial also offers discounted leasing programs to municipalities and other specific agenices.

The majority of our customers who use this credit/leasing program are paying less per month for their new utility bill + monthly lease than they were originally paying for their monthly utility cost before the LED retrofit.  One Source Financial requires no upfront cost, to most customers, so that you can make this switch to LED lighting without draining your capital.

Click on appropriate link for credit application and leasing information:

One Source Credit Application

One Source Leasing Information